Dry chemical firefighting system

Dry Chemical Systems

Dry chemical (Sodium or potassium bicarbonate) is commonly used whExit Visual Builderere water, foam, and other water base agents have been found to have little or no effectiveness in extinguishing vapor or pressure gas fires. Dry chemical works by disrupting the combustion process when mixed with the flammable gas mixture.

This type of dry powder system is used on LNG carriers for extinguishing pressure gas fires on the deck. The powder is stored in large reservoirs and high-pressure nitrogen cylinders are used to fluidise and propel the dry chemical from the reservoir to firefighting hose lines and monitors installed on starboard and port along the deck. Two centralised powder systems are used, one supplying port and one for supplying starboard with a crossover connection allowing one system to supply powder to opposite side as a backup.

The INCOS Engineering team is specialised in designing and fabricating systems to project specifications and fit for purpose with a focus on high quality materials and equipment suited for the oil and gas industry and offshore corrosive environment. We engineer and manufacture to ease maintenance requirements, maximise reliability and minimising dry chemical handling by the operator. Our high-pressure gas propellant system allows testing without releasing the system and is user friendly so to prevent unintentional release.

INCOS Engineering has many years of experience in full flow testing powder systems using specifically designed equipment and procedures to verify system performance prior to delivery.

Design commonly follows the requirements of NFPA17, SOLAS and IGC code and as per specific requirements of ABS, DNV and LR.

Typical protected equipment: Used on FLNG or Gas carriers, tankers, Liquefied storage tanks, LNG, LPG loading unloading manifolds.

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