November 2020 – Feature

Incos turns two

Happy Birthday Incos Engineering – decades upon decades of experience all crammed in to two years as Incos.

The success has exceeded expectations and we look forward continuing our growth in 2021.

Thanks for your support (in no particular order):
INPEX, Woodside, Austal, SANTOS, Technip, Jadestone, BP, Clough, Vermilion, Beach Energy, McDermott, EMHS, Score, Oceanic, Silversea, ConocoPhillips, Oil Search Limited, Survitec, Taylor Brothers, Worley, Advisian, Integrated Industrial, Trinkor, Wiltrading, Wormald, Jab Hai Marine, Rapp Bomek, Fire Eater, Inbal, Fire Products, FireNor, Oil Technics, Coltraco, Siron, Danfoss, ICN, FPAA, Halberd and everyone else but most importantly a huge thanks to the team here for making it all possible.

Picture: We had to celebrate and decided to go all out this year and purchased a full sized cake!