INCOS Engineering Consultancy

Engineering Consultancy

Extending the life of your asset, ensuring equipment is maintained and working within the Australian Standards, NFPA and IMO defined requirements and any specific site and/or client specification. Understanding that preventative maintenance is essential; Incos Engineering will work together with local personnel to keep your equipment operating at optimal levels and compliant with industry guidelines and certification.

Our Safety engineering expertise is on the area of;

  • HSE improving and responsible firefighting consulting including impact studies for upgrading to responsible firefighting media and/or related system
  • Greenfield active fire protection systems design and supply
  • Brownfield modifications and upgrades engineering including design, assembly, testing and supply of the equipment
  • Design or verification of deluge distribution piping
  • Hydraulic calculations and balancing of systems
  • Technical safety engineering consulting
  • Inspection and testing procedures meeting NFPA, certifying body and statutory requirements
  • Design of deluge and sprinkler nozzle layout drawings
  • Feasibility, Reliability, Availability and Consequence studies
  • Fire Risk consideration with advice on type of fire protection system / equipment
  • Providing or assisting with fire protection specifications and/or drawings for projects

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