EAAD – Expertise at a Distance

EAAD – Expertise at a Distance

With restrictions placed on getting additional fire safety engineering and technicians to site we can work with your technology to instruct your existing site personnel how to perform mandatory maintenance and testing on integrated fire protection.

Incos Engineering has positioned to work with video conferencing and teleconferencing via platforms such as 

  • Microsoft Teams,
  • Skype for Business,
  • WebEx,
  • WhatsApp,
  • Dynamics 365,
  • Mobile/Land line,


How we can help you:

“Expertise at a Distance” can support your teams. Incos Engineering will provide your site personnel ongoing assistance and in real time should your digital network support video conferencing.

For example:

  • Fire Fighting Foam Concentrate testing – ready to go test kits are freely available from us and we can provide real time training and instructions for your site team. We can also arrange laboratory testing for you.
  • Fire Fighting Produced Foam testing –kits are available and we have experienced personnel to offer remote training and support to do this. We can also arrange laboratory testing for you.
  • Fire Fighting Systems upgrades or modifications – before going to site or offshore, especially if modification or upgrades are required, this is the time to do the desktop engineering and prepare. All engineering, test procedures and installation packages can be provided. The upgrades can be installed by either party with installation packages including manuals how to do it. This enables you to continue with assurance of proper installation and testing yet at a distance. 
  • Spares and Consumables – we can find the parts and consumables related to integrated fire protection and fire doors. We have experience working with global supply chain and get find you what you need.
  • Deluge and other integrated systems maintenance checks – Incos can review and provide work instructions relevant to the system and provide real time video training from our workshop. We can talk you through this whilst you stand in front integrated systems.

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