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Programmed protection & maintenance of your assets

The name INCOS Engineering is formed by combing the words Innovative Consultancy Safety & Engineering

Engineering Consultancy

We focus on smart safety solutions for integrated firefighting systems for offshore brownfield and greenfield platforms, onshore Petrochemical as well as Marine. We are a recognized provider of solutions for complex system designs and integration.

Projects & Manufacturing

Extending the life of your asset, ensuring equipment is maintained and working within the Australian Standards, NFPA and IMO defined requirements and any specific site and/or client specification.

Service & Maintenance

Our qualified and experienced team will be able to inspect, test, repair, modify and analyse fire protection equipment and integrated systems. We develop maintenance plans and carry out works at site or in our equipped workshop in Perth, Western Australia.

Innovative Consultancy

Defining and signalling a company that has a focus on supporting its clients with smart safety solutions

Safety Engineering

Targeting zero harm; Incos Engineering will make ethical choices, maintaining a balance between economic and ecological factors


New ideas to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your fire protection systems in a responsible manner.


Incos Expertise at a distanceProviding clients with up to date knowledge of current and future systems, inspection and maintenance requirements to enable informed decisions on integrated fire fighting systems selection, consumables and support services.

Safety Engineering

Responsible safety and loss prevention engineering equals saving lives and property while reducing harm to the environment. Greatest results are achieved when we work together in a partnership model.

Incos Engineering Capability Statement 2023

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Targeting zero harm, Incos Engineering acknowledges the hazards within our industry and commits to our colleagues and the broader community that every effort is made to minimise risks while improving safety and reducing the environmental footprint

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