Foam Pumping Skids / Foam Proportioning skids

Foam Systems

Foam concentrate is mixed into fire water lines typically at 1, 2, 3 or 6% before being discharged onto the hazard in order to extinguish and control liquid fuel fires by creating a blanket.

For offshore vessels, foam concentrate is generally pressurised by a centralised foam pump system that stores and distributes pressurised foam concentrate to the different foam users/areas throughout the vessel and normally via a foam concentrate ring main. Depending on the type of foam concentrate, the foam pumping skids use positive displacement gear pumps or centrifugal pumps. Similarly, Individual foam storing and proportioning systems are commonly used offshore and onshore to provide specific hazard protection as standalone systems.

Depending on the application and type of foam concentrate used, different foam proportioners can be used such as balance pressure proportioners, injectors, inductors or turbines.

Due to the increasing use of fluorine free foam (F3) concentrate and the environmental concerns around firefighting foams in recent years, INCOS Engineering systems are engineered to work with specific foam physical properties and designed to minimize or remove the need to discharge foam during testing. Trust INCOS Engineering to work with you to design or rectify your Integrated Foam Systems. The INCOS Engineering team is specialised in the design and selection of the most suitable foam pumping and proportioning solution complying to project specifications with a special focus on high quality materials and equipment.

Design commonly follows the requirements of NFPA -11, -16,-25, NORSOK S-001, ISO13702 as well as SOLAS.

Typical areas of use: Turret area, Oil production and storage vessels, Tank deck area (deck foam system), stored product pump room, LNG pits, Condensate loading/offloading areas, Slug catcher liquid end areas, Spill areas, Tank diked areas, Tank rim seal, Tank subsurface injection, machinery spaces.

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