Firefighting Monitors – Hydraulic, Electrical-, Self-Oscillating-, Manual

Fire Monitors

Monitors (water canon) are used to apply a large flow rates of water, foam or dry chemical to a fire via a remote position away from the protected area or equipment.

Monitors can either be used to target a specific remote areas when used in narrow streams or in self-oscillating mode and also allow for wide streaming fog for more gentle application to cover a wider and closer area. Manually actuated monitors can be manually aimed or locked at any directions and flow pattern can be adjusted using handwheels or levers.

A water actuated Self oscillating unit can be used to allow the monitors to automatically oscillate in a sweeping manner within a set angle. This is often used to cover a wider area and where manual operation is not possible or not required. The water actuated self-oscillating monitor will start oscillating as soon as water or foam flow through.

In some cases, where more flexibility is required, monitors use electric or hydraulic motors for movement and stream pattern adjustment so they can be remotely controlled via a remote panel or wireless portable control panel with position monitoring and programmable functions.

INCOS Engineering designs, calibrates and tests each monitor for a certain flow and reach depending on the application, type of medium (water, foam or powder) and the available working pressure.

Our monitors are built to ensure the highest corrosion resistance in offshore environments. INCOS manufactured monitors can also be delivered with control valves for remote start/stop operation and integrated foam proportioning systems. In addition, we deliver Elevated Monitors, i.e. monitors mounted on a tower. These are specially designed for each specific application; typical height will be from 25-30 meters. The electric and hydraulic actuation systems and control panels are customised to project specifications and include ATEX/IEC certifications where required.

Typical protected equipment: Firefighting on helicopter deck, tank deck, processing plants

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