Don’t trust anything but Coltraco for your portable NDT

Incos Engineering are the Australian distributer covering Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Energy and Marine sectors for the worlds best ultrasonic scanners and flow meters

Why Coltraco?

  • Cost/Time/Resource (CTR) saving technology
  • Reduces manual handling risks
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Calibrated with certificates
  • Fully supported locally if procured through Incos Engineering

 Equipment range includes:

Porta Level Max – ultrasonic liquid level indicator. Safe and reliable NDT method to ascertain the liquid level in tanks/cylinders in under 30 seconds –

PortaSteele Calculator – Cylinder agent weight converter that works in conjunction with the Porta Level. –

Portasonic Flowmeter – handheld, clamp-on calibrated ultrasonic transit time flow meter, for measuring the volumetric flow rate of clean liquids in pipes. –

Portascanner –  ultrasonic room integrity tester, specialising in identifying major leak sites in special hazard rooms. Link to OEM product details –

Demonstrations for Australian businesses are available online with one of the Incos team or at our workshop in Canning Vale, Perth. For more information email