Water mist systems HP and LP, Local application and total flooding

Water mist fire suppression is a technology that was developed to extinguish liquid fuel pool fires or spray fires using very fine water spraying. By reducing the water droplets down to a fine mist, the system is capable to absorb more heat without disturbing/spreading the fuel surface compared to a standard water sprinkler or water deluge system. Additionally, it is very effective in smoke scrubbing and local oxygen depletion which makes it a quality fire suppression system for class A, B and C fires.

Water mist systems are designed and supplied in different categories such as high pressure, low pressure, total flooding and local application depending on the type of hazard, project specification and preference.
Total flooding systems are used in enclosures with discharge nozzles distributed to cover entire room area whereas local application system nozzles are distributed to only cover specific equipment within larger rooms or open areas.
The high-pressure systems will use less water than low pressure systems but will operate at much higher pressure (60 to 120 barg as opposed to 5 to 15 barg).

INCOS Engineering is specialised in high and low pressure water mist systems using finely machined and thoroughly tested and certified (in real fire scenarios) discharge nozzles.
The water supply system can be designed using electric water pumps, nitrogen driven water pumps, nitrogen driven water turbines and nitrogen cylinders pressurizing water tank or water cylinders. INCOS Engineering will evaluate and select most suitable solution for the application and design systems which complies with project specifications.

Design commonly follows the requirements of NFPA750 and SOLAS and the nozzles are MED certified to IMO MSC.1/Circ.1165 and IMO MSC.1/Circ.1387 and certified to FM5560.

Typical protected equipment: mostly suitable for indoor areas protected from the wind, machinery spaces, special hazard machinery spaces, combustion turbines, cargo engine rooms, diesel generators, switch rooms, lithium battery rooms, transformers room, boilers, pressure vessels and tanks containing hydrocarbon.

INCOS Engineering have trained and experienced technicians in Perth, Western Australia available to service and maintain the internationally recognised SEMSAFE water mist systems.


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