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 6 simple steps to eliminate failure

November 2020 – Feature

Refurbishing a 799D INBAL VALVE. 

Nobody wants to be responsible for putting a deluge system out of action.

Insights from our Technical Manager who has 30 years of experience with valves.

  1. Understand the operation of an elastomeric valve – the basics. Do I feel confident and am I competent?
  2. Check serial numbers for everything, the age of the valve is important
  3. The Inbal spares are specific and tight fitting, match up the external rings before disassembly and the cable ties that come in the kit are there for a reason
  4. Before disassembly remember to measure up end to end length an make a note of it for reassembly
  5. Protect the end of the central stud when doing outer rubber sleeve fit, otherwise you may damage the thread
  6. Inbal has torque settings that may be different to company standards – use Inbal settings

Hint – there are online videos and Inbal can supply written instructions. Watch the videos as they make sense of the instructions.

For no cost a condensed all in one information paper with drawings, instructions and some of our helpful tips and insights is available by emailing

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