Deluge Systems

Deluge Systems

Water deluge systems are designed to provide fire control by extinguishment or cooling of equipment containing significant quantities of hydrocarbons.

Foam deluge systems are designed to suppress hydrocarbon spill fires and provide post fire protection and cooling.

The type and size of discharge nozzles must be carefully selected and positioned to offer adequate coverage and ensure minimum water or foam application densities are met. The deluge valve system and distribution pipe work must be sized and calibrated to supply the deluge nozzles with the required flow within 30 seconds after a confirmed fire signal has been given.Deluge valves should be of a type which regulates the downstream pressure and shall be tested regularly via a test line specifically designed for full capacity testing without wetting the protected area.

The fire water deluge system shall be operable at all times including periods of deluge valve maintenance and shall be provided with calibrated manual bypass. The INCOS Engineering team is specialised in designing and fabricating systems to specifications and fit for purpose with a focus on high quality materials and equipment suited for corrosive environment such as CuNi, NiAlBr, high grade Austenitic Stainless steels and Titanium.

Design commonly follows the requirements of NFPA -11, – 15, -16, -25, NORSOK S-001, ISO13702 as well as SOLAS.

Typical areas of use: Wellhead area, Turret area, Processing area, Well test area, Drill floor, liquefied gas storage tanks, exposed pipework, pressure vessels and tanks containing hydrocarbon, internal combustion machinery spaces, spaces containing fired processes.

INCOS Engineering have trained and experienced technicians in Perth, Western Australia available to service and maintain onshore and offshore deluge systems

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